Townhome Buildings Facing Beltway
Townhome Buildings Facing Beltway
Two Townhome Buildings in Block B
Townhome Building In Block B
Pardon Our Dust...

Addison Grove Redevelopment

Development Plan Approval

In accordance with the process adopted in Ordinace O16-003 for this project, Fenway Development has submitted development plans for review and approval. These development plans include a more detailed site plan and landscape plan for the property as well as representative floor plans and building elevations for the 57 townhome units in Block B of the development (the southwestern block). 

Click here to view the site plan and landscape plan.

Click here to view the floor plans and buildng elevations for Block B.

The development plans have been reviewed by staff to determine their compliance with the regulations adopted by the City Council and have been found to be in compliance. On April 19, 2016, the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the plans, held a public hearing and voted to recommend for approval of the development plans. The case will go to the City Council on May 24, 2016.

Development plan approval is a ministerial function of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. The development plan will be compared to the standards and requirements approved for Planned Development O16-003. If the development plan complies with all requirements, then it must be approved.

Once the development plan is approved, the developer can move forward with platting and then construction on the site. Floor plans and building elevations for the other townhomes, live/work units and the multi-family apartments will need to be brought forward at a future date before work can begin on buildings outside of Block B.


Zoning Adoption

At the January 26, 2016 City Council Meeting at the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre, Fenway Development presented proposed plans for the 17.4 acres located at 4150 Belt Line Road where the former Sam’s Club site currently sits. The Addison Planning and Zoning Commission approved the development at its January 5, 2016 meeting.Through this approval, the Council adopted the standards by which the property must be developed as well as a conceptual site plan, streetscape requirements, and the site furnishings. Please click here to view the ordinance.

In total, the proposed concept plan reviewed at the meeting anticipates:

  • 161 Townhome
  • 17 Live/Work Units
  • 330 multi-family apartments
  • 20,025 square feet of retail along Belt Line Road
  • 3 new public parks totaling 1.56 acres
  • 1.24 acres dedicated to the Town to hold for future development

After hearing from the developer, traffic engineer, Town staff and residents, the Council approved the project with a vote of 5 – 2.  

The project approval included conditions recommended by staff – upgrading Runyon Road, adding noise mitigation methods to the construction plans, increasing the minimum size of the sewer lines and realigning the entrance/exit across from the parking structure – as well as the following changes to the submitted plans:

  • All countertops must be granite, stone or better material.
  • All units shall be equipped with energy efficient appliances;
  • There will be no linoleum or Formica surfaces in the units;
  • The entire multifamily building and parking garage shall be LEED certified;
  • The existing screening wall along the southern property line shall not be removed until construction has commenced on the townhome units along the wall.
  • A maximum of 330 multifamily units shall be allowed.
  • The proposed street shown on the east side of the development shall be constructed with retractable bollards at Beltway Drive to provide for public safety access only.  
  • A short, wrought iron or decorative fence or wall shall be installed to delineate the front yards of the townhomes facing Beltway from the public green space/park.
  • At least 25 live/work and/or townhome units must be under construction prior to the issuance of a building permit for the multifamily units or the garage building.
  • Medical and health related uses shall be permitted upon approval of a Special Use Permit.
  • All construction traffic shall access the site from Runyon Road and Belt Line Road only.
  • The proposed street shown on that east side shall also be constructed with speed/traffic calming devices.
  • The multifamily units shall be constructed as follows:
    • The entire multifamily building and parking garage shall be LEED certified.
    • There will be no linoleum or formica surfaces in the units.
    • All units shall be equiped with energy efficient appliances.
    • All countertops must be granite, stone or better material.
  • Courtyards shown on the Concept Plan will be designed and constructed with enhanced architectural and landscaping features including such elements as water features, landscaping and art features.


Incentive Agreement

Following the vote on the project, Council instructed staff to enter into negotiations with the developer on an incentive proposal that would serve to reimburse for the construction of public infrastructure to facilitate the project.  The maximum incentive would be $6.5 million and include permit/development waivers, plus reimbursement for utilities as well as street and park development.

As part of the agreement, the developer offered to deed restrict the multi-family property and garage building to prohibit the use of government subsidies to construct, operate or rent the multi-family units.  They have also been required to give the City Council reasonable approval of the apartment developer/operator.


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