2016 Master Transportation Plan Update

The Master Transportation Plan is the guiding document for all major transportation-related decisions and improvements within Addison. It addresses all modes of travel: automobile, pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit‒and establishes goals and standards for each.

Presentations and Information

Kick-off Community Meetings

On March 14th and 16th, the Town of Addison hosted community meetings to give residents and people who work in Addison opportunities to provide input on transportation related issues.

Click here to view the presentation from the meeting.

Public Input Results

On April 12th, the results of the public input received at the two kick-off meetings and the online public survey were presented to the City Council.

Click here to view the presentation given to the City Council.

Follow-up Community Meetings 

On July 28th and August 2nd, the Town of Addison hosted community meetings to present the draft concepts that have been developed for the transportation plan update and to get feedback on these concepts from the public. 

Click here to view the presentation from the meeting.

Click here to view the detailed drawings and maps.

Click here to view the corridor case studies.

The draft Master Transportation Plan is currently going through the adoption process. This Plan represents 10 months of work which included five community meetings and an online survey to incorporate public input and feedback. The plan can be downloaded for your review by clicking on the link above.
The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing and consider a recommendation at their meeting on October 18th. The City Council is tentatively scheduled to hold another public hearing and act on the Plan at their meeting on November 14th, pending action by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Town of Addison is in the process of updating its Master Transportation Plan (MTP). A transportation plan is an important set of guidelines and standards for any community. It dictates not only where roadways will be constructed, but also how many lanes will be built, how streets should interface with trails and transit, whether on-street parking will be allowed, and what sort of streetscape amenities may be appropriate. It supports land use and economic vitality, and is an important tool for the Town in securing right-of-way and transportation improvements as new development occurs.

The 2016 update of the Master Transportation Plan will also address alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, and transit. These means of travel are gaining in popularity not only as a way of promoting better mobility, but also as part of a healthier lifestyle.

To be most effective, this plan should incorporate the desires of the community it serves. The Town has held four community meetings at various stages in this process and conducted an online survey. Additionally, public hearings will be held later in the process to allow residents, business owners, property owners, and other interested persons to provide important input. The final product needs to meet technical requirements for a safe and efficient system and reflect the community’s vision for the future of Addison.

The ultimate goal of this project is to lay out the path to a safe and efficient transportation system that moves people and products within and through the community and improves the individual’s experience in Addison regardless of the chosen mode of travel. In order to be successful, the MTP must take into account not only existing conditions, but also future plans. It should reflect the realities of today and the community’s vision for tomorrow.


Current Master Transportation Plan

The current Master Transportation Plan was adopted in 1998 and intended to guide transportation planning through 2010. Click here to view the 1998 plan.

Check back with this page for additional information and updates throughout the study process. Your opinion is important.
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