Medical Gas Systems Requirement

Medical gas systems (med-gas, vacuum, med-air etc.) are to be installed, inspected and verified by licensed/certified professionals in accordance to state and local laws (e.g. State Plumbing Law, Texas Department of Health, NFPA 99, International Fire Code Section 3006. International Plumbing Code Chapter 12, etc.) According to NFPA Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Installation Handbook (2012 Edition) there are multiple tests that each the installer and inspector/verifier must perform before the system can be safely used. The Town will need both your med-gas installer and your med-gas inspector-verifier to provide written compliance of those tests/confirmations/verifications. We would be happy to send you more test requirement details from the aforementioned NFPA handbook if you need them, but in short, the following are the inspection-verification types we need confirmed (in writing) and by which professional prior to the Town's final approval. 

Medical Gas Systems Inspection Requirements

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