Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

State Funding Assists Traffic Enforcement

The Addison Police Department, Texas Department of Pubilc safety (TxDPS), and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are working together to decrease automobile accidents, fatalities, and injuries. 

Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs (STEPs) are grants provided by TxDOT to law enforcement agencies to enforce traffic safety laws such as speeding and safety belt use.

The Addison Police Department has received a STEP grant allowing officers to focus additional efforts on speeding and seat belt usage in order to reduce fatalities, accidents, and injuries within Addison.

"It is a proven fact, as well as common sense, that using seat belts and driving the speed limit save lives and prevent injuries," says Chief of Police Chief Paul Spencer. "The STEP grant allows our officers to focus added time and attention to enforce these basic traffic laws, keeping the people in Addison safer."

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