ADS is located in a noise-sensitive area surrounded by residential communities. Residents in the North Texas area will experience overflights and aircraft noise. The airspace over the DFW area is controlled by the FAA and is very busy with flights into DFW, Love Field and other general aviation airports. Low clouds may increase noise levels by reflecting it back to the ground. Pilots may be directed to fly around severe weather, taking them outside of normal arrival and departure procedures.

The program solicits airport user involvement in reaching and maintaining these community goals. Participation and knowledge are the keys to its success. For example, we follow the NBAA Standard Departure Procedures.

Addison Airport encourages pilots to:

  • Safely operate aircraft in a responsible and courteous manner
  • Seek to learn and follow noise abatement procedures
  • Fly at the highest and safest altitudes, and avoid training activity over congested and residential areas
  • Follow manufacturer’s noise abatement procedures whenever consistent with safety
  • Demonstrate the commitment to the “Fly Friendly over Addison” and its surrounding communities

 To file a noise complaint, click here:

This contour map was produced as a result of a voluntary Part 150 Noide study.  The flight patterns shown depict general flight paths and are not intended to show exact locations of aircraft overhead.  Actual flight tracts will vary based on the number of aircraft in the pattern, air traffic control instructions and weather conditions.