Access Permits

At Addison Airport, your safety is our number one priority. To enhance the safety of the airport we offer a course for anyone that needs to access the airport.

Unescorted access in the common areas of the airport is granted to those who posses an Addison Airport Access Permit. Unescorted access (as a pedestrian or in a vehicle) to the common areas of the airport is provided through the access permit and is limited to those with a need to access the common areas. The access permit is required for the use of any public use gate. The map provided below designates the common area and the public use gates.

If you have a need to access the green shaded area, you need to take the Non-Movement class. If you need to access the blue shaded area, you need the Movement Class. This access does not apply to the use of an aircraft.

Airport Area Access Training Program:

  • The Airport Area Access Training Program is designed to offer a brief but full awareness of the requirements for accessing any common area of the airport safely. Our goal is to enhance awareness of safety at the airport. The Non-Movement Class is one hour and the Movement Class is approximately a two-hour course.
  • All classes are held at 16051 Addison Rd., Suite 220. You must make a request prior to arrival to reserve a place to take the course.
  • Call 972.392.4861 or e-mail Joe McAnally to schedule a class.



Tenants who have previously taken the airfield driving classes can renew their permit online. Please contact Joe McAnally at 972.392.4861 to get log-in information.

If you already have log-in information, renew your access permit online:


Airport Access Permit Classes

Non-Movement Class Dates*:

December 10

December 17

January 14

January 28

February 11

February 25

March 11

March 25

April 8

April 22

May 13

May 27

June 10

June 24

*All non-movement classes are on a Monday at 9am unless otherwise indicated and take approximately one hour to complete.

Movement Class Dates**:

December 11

January 8, 2019

February 12

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11


**All movement classes are on a Tuesday at 9am unless otherwise indicated and take approximately two hours to complete.