Compliments and Complaints

Complimenting an Officer:

Commendations received from peers, supervisors and the public are considered recognition of excellence in police service. Commendations received from the public are recorded on the "Personnel Commendation Form" and forwarded to the Chief for signature and processing. Commendations that have been reviewed and approved by the Chief are included in the employee's permanent personnel file. 


How do I Compliment an officer?

A person wishing to compliment an officer may contact a supervisor at the Addison Police Department. The supervisor will collect information from you regarding your experience with the officer and forward it to the Chief for inclusion in their personnel file. You may also contact Police Administration at 972.450.7100 or and provide the information.


Complaint Process

Any person who believes that a police officer employed by the Addison Police Department has engaged in misconduct with respect to that person may file a complaint with the Department, and no person shall be discouraged, intimidated, or coerced from filing such a complaint, or be discriminated against because they have filed such a complaint. 


How do I file a complaint?

A person wishing to file a complaint may request to speak with a supervisor at the Addison Police Department or request contact from a supervisor by calling the Police Non-Emergency phone number: 972.450.7156. The supervisor will give you an Addison Police Department Personnel Complaint Form. If you are unable to come to the Addison Police Department, a form will be mailed to you. You are encouraged to submit a complaint form with your signature. A notarized form is preferred but not required. An investigation of the complaint will be conducted as thoroughly as possible.