Environmental Services

Environmental Services protects residents, businesses, visitors and guests from potential environmental hazards by monitoring and regulating situations that can impact public health.

We acheive this through the following activities:

  • Food Service Licensing & Inspection
  • Mosquito Control
  • Tall Grass & Weed Enforcement
  • Public/Semi-Private Pool Licensing & Inspections
  • Water Pollution Investigations
  • Multi-Family Housing Licensing & Inspections
  • Liquid Waste Transportation Licensing & Inspections
  • Environmental Complaints & Requests for Service
  • Special Promotion Permits



Need to Apply for a Permit?

Food Service License
Required for all fixed location establishments that sell food and/or beverage for on-premise or off-premise consumption (must be renewed annually). 

Mobile Food License
Required for all motorized vehicles and trailers propertly designed, equipped and utilized for the peparation, sale/distribution of food and beverage for immediate consumption (must be renewed annually). 

Temporary Food Service License
Required for any entity approved to serve food and/or beverage for no more than four (4) consecutive days in conjunction with a Town-sponsored event or other approve special promotion hosted by an Addison business.

Liquid Waste Permit
Required for all vehicles that clean grease traps, grit traps and sand traps and transport waste a to a licensed disposal/treatement site (must be renewed annually). 

Special Promotion Permit
Required for any business or non-residential property owner to host an event open to the public on property or portions of property not intended to be utilized for an occupancy, i.e. parking lots, unimproved lots, etc.

Swimming Pool License
Required for all public and semi-private pools and spas. Includes apartments, hotels, condominium complexes, homeowner associations, schools, health clubs, etc. (must be renewed annually). 

Apartment License
Required for all residential, for-rent properties that contain more than (4) dwelling units (must be renewed annually).

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