Addison's Budget

View Addison's Budget Book from this fiscal year and previous years.

FY 2018 City Manager Proposed Budget


Click here to view the City Manager proposed FY 2018 budget.

FY 2018 Council Budget Retreat Documents


Below are links to documents discussed during the FY 2018 Council Budget Retreat on August 10 and 11.

FY 2018 Budget Calendar


Over the next two months, there will be several opportunities for the public to participate in the budget process for the FY2018 Addison budget.  Below is the budget calendar:

July 31:  City Manager submits proposed budget to Council 
August 8:  Council sets "not to exceed" tax rate
August 10:  Council budget retreat
August 11:  Council budget retreat
August 21:  Publication of  notice of proposed tax rate
August 29:  First public hearing on the tax rate
September 5:  Second public hearing on tax rate; public hearing on budget
September 13:  Adoption of FY2018 budget and tax rate.
October 1: New Budget Begins

Agendas for meetings will be posted here three days prior to meetings.

Prior Year Budgets

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