Addison Athletic Club Trainers

The following contracted trainers are all certified to work with you at the Addison Athletic Club. You may contact any of them directly to set up an evaluation or initial session. Here's to your good health!

Adam Alexander

Athletic Club Trainer


Adam is available for appointments Monday - Saturday. Your first visit is a free 30-minute consultation to assess your fitness level and discuss your goals. Whether your goals include getting in shape, losing weight, eating healthy, increasing strength, improving flexibility, or combat- ing the effects of bone density loss, Adam can design a program to help meet your goals while avoiding and/or working around injury. To set up an appointment, call Adam at (972)741-2123 or Contact Adam for rates & discounted package deals.

Adam has a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) LSU Shreveport, Certified Personal Trainer through Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research, and Certified in Biomechanics through Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research.


Veronika Bobakova

Athletic Club Trainer


Veronika is a former NCCA track and fi eld hurdles runner. Among her many accomplishments are multiple Slovak National Championship titles. Veronika’s solid foundation of balance, flexibility, power, speed and agility are essential for creating workouts suitable for ANYONE looking to stay fit and healthy. Veronika has multiple certifications through Cooper’s Institute for Aerobics Research, including Biomechanics, Pregnancy, Diabetes, as well as Older Adults and Exercise. She is also experienced in biomechanics of proper running, multidirectional drills and acceleration skills techniques. Do you feel like you need guidance, are you tired of the same workout routine, did you loose motivation? Veronika has a sincere desire for you to learn and overcome fitness myths and enjoy your time while exercising. Her workouts are tailored to her clients’ needs and goals. If you are ready to discover endless benefits of a healthy lifestyle, contact Veronika at 972-835-1131 or

Cynthia Fritz

Athletic Club Trainer


Cynthia is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in senior fitness. Cynthia began teaching classes in 2006, became a personal trainer in 2008, and in 2009 she began working primarily with seniors. She gently challenges her clients to become more independent and is motivated to help them become physically stronger.

She is certified by AFAA, Silver Sneakers fitness program, and is CPR certified. Contact Cynthia 972-922-3482 or

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