S.S. Noell

S. S. Noell and wife Nannie first lived on a farm in the Love Field area eventually purchasing a farm several miles north on the east side of Marsh Lane and north of Spring Valley Road. This homeplace was referred to as the Spring Farm and was located near present-day Loos Stadium. As legend has it, a group of cattle drivers were crossing this area after a cattle drive, carrying with them money from the sale of their cattle, when they were chased by robbers and forced to bury the gold. Years later many people, including Noell, dug on his land looking for the gold until he abruptly put an end to it. Coincidentally, soon after, Noell purchased 1200 acres that stretch south of Belt Line Road from Midway Road to Preston Road and the family relocated.

The Town of Addison was originally named Noell Junction in his honor; however, when a post office was authorized it was discovered there was already a post office designated as Noel in another part of Texas. The town was then renamed for local carpenter and Civil War veteran Addison Robertson.

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