The Engineering Department provides planning, engineering, and maintenance services for Addison's infrastructure including streets, traffic signals, drainage, water and wastewater. We oversee implementation of capital improvements and provide thorough engineering review of all new development and inspection services for construction projects. We strive to integrate community concern into each project.

Design Standards

Transportation Technical Standards

Drainage Criteria Manual

Water System Requirements

Wastewater System Requirements

Standard Construction Details


Storm Drainage






Utilities Trenchline & Street Restoration

Traffic Specifications

Master Plan

Wastewater Collection Plan

Water Master Plan

Kellway Wastewater Lift Station Assessment

Survey Monuments

Survey Control

ROW Management 

ROW Ordinance 

Ch. 284 Design Manual 

Deployment of Network Nodes in Public ROW


Required Items for a Preconstruction Meeting:

Right-of-Way permit application requires the following:

  • Sanitary Sewer Tap fee ($35)

  • Actual construction cost of the public infrastructure

  • Developments one acre or larger: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

  • Commercial Projects: Lett of transmittal to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation indicating plans have been submitted for review of compliance with Texas Accessbility Standards

  • Approved civil, landscape and irrigation plans - 5 copies. (Note: one set of stamped plans will be returned to contractor at conclusion of preconstruction meeting. If additional sets are desired, please submit them prior to meeting.)

Maintenance Bond

The maintenance bond is due prior to final acceptance of the project. The maintenance bond is typically submitted by the general contractor but may be submitted by the property owner. The bond shall be for a period of two years beginning with the date of final acceptance by the Town of Addison.

The valuation of the bond shall be:

  • 100% when the cost of construction of the public infrastructure is less than or equal to $5,000

  • $5,000 when the cost is greater than $5,000 but less than $50,000

  • 10% when the cost is greater than $50,000

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