Redding Trail Dog Park

Park at the SW corner of Office in the Park parking lot at 14677 Midway Rd.

Redding Trail Dog Park is a small park divided into two sections, one for large dogs and one for small ones. Each section has drinking fountains for the dogs and their people, as well as benches and double-gated entries. The dog park is at the far east end of Redding Trail, a beautifully landscaped trail running along the Oncor utility easement.

Starting August 1, 2016 the Redding Trail Dog Park will close during rain events to ensure healthy turf in the dog park for the enjoyment of all users. To check the status of the Redding Trail Dog Park please contact the Dog Park Hotline at (972) 450-8851.


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Dog Park Hotline 


During and following heavy rain, Addison closes its dog parks until the ground drys.  Want to know if a dog park is open?  Just call the Addison Dog Park Hotline at 972.450.8851.


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