Community Garden

3900 Beltway Dr.

The Addison Arbor Foundation, in conjunction with the Town of Addison, opened the Addison Community Garden at the Athletic Club in September 2010.

The Addison Community Garden is located on Beltway Road at the southwest corner of Addison Athletic Club property (across from the entrance to the outdoor pool). Participation is open to Town of Addison residents. Charter memberships began in early July with volunteers pledging 50 community service hours and a $100 donation. If you would like to participate in the Addison Community Garden, please download and complete the Adopt-a-Plot and Release of Claims forms, then send them to the Addison Arbor Foundation. For inquires about the community garden, please contact Randy Rodgers at 972.450.7048.


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Dog Park Hotline 


During and following heavy rain, Addison closes its dog parks until the ground drys.  Want to know if a dog park is open?  Just call the Addison Dog Park Hotline at 972.450.8851.


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