Business Alarm Permits

All businesses in Addison with an alarm system are required to register that stystem with the Addison Police Department

Please register your alarm system at
Recently, the Addison City Council approved a change to the Town’s alarm permit and false alarm service charges.  Currently Addison businesses are required to register their alarm systems each year and are allowed five false alarms before any fee is imposed. The amended ordinance increases annual registration fee for businesses from $25 to $50


Businesses who have registered their alarm systems will be allowed three free false alarm calls before false alarm fees are assessed (this has been reduced from 5).  The new fee structure will be implemented January 1, 2018.


New Registration Fee:  $50

1-3 false alarms: Free
4-5 false alarms: $50
6-7 false alarms: $75
8+ false alarms: $100


Non-registered alarm users will be charged $100 for the first false alarm, but that fee will be waived if they register their system within 30 days of the violation.