Addison Airport
It's wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky, Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears.

— Helen Keller, at age 74, on flight around the world, news reports of 5 February 1955

Addison Airport
Hot tub heater is currently not working. Hopefully repairs will happen soon. We will update when we have more information.
Addison Athletic Club was contacting Sunbelt Pools.
Addison Athletic Club
Flight delayed after woman brings 'emotional support squirrel' on plane
Are we a little tired of this nonsense?
Police had to remove a woman who brought an “emotional support squirrel” on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland.
Comments Dear lord.... just take a Xanax. I'm still trying to figure out the Peacock ESA deal.🤔

It's a big problem for those who legitimately have Service ...
Addison Airport
RT @VitruvianPark: Run the Lights registration is now open! The event is scheduled for 7pm on November 30. Don't wait to sign up for this… @VisitAddison 3 0
RT @nchurnin: Where I am tonight: Joanie Schultz’ new adaptation of A Doll’s House for @WTTheatre @VisitAddison @VisitAddison 2 0
Report Problems by Using Addison's New "FixIT Addison" App
Don't forget to utilize the FixIT Addison App to report problems! Whether it's a street light out, an illegally placed sign, or a stray dog, you can report it directly to the Town. See the video below to see how ... Town of Addison
Happy Monday. Make it a point to get outside this week and enjoy the Great Outdoors. It's FREE! #HappyMonday #MotivationalMondays Addison Athletic Club
Update it's fixed, but only goes to the 2nd floor.

Bad news, the elevator is out of order. Good news, stairs still work.
Comments It’s a shame that it’s never the other way around 😝 It’s a gym. Cynthia Ramos Addison Athletic Club
Thanks to Jeremy Rayl for sending us a beautiful shot of the sunrise over Million Air Dallas. Addison Airport
The Fire and Police Open House scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled due to weather. We will share rescheduling information when it becomes available. Stay dry this weekend! Town of Addison
A look at some of the activity at Addison Airport this week. Enjoy the weekend. Comments Alex Lopez 205AF Addison Airport
Try something new tomorrow-Ageless Grace.
Its a brain and body class that works all five functions of the brain.
It's a lot of fun!
Addison Athletic Club
Fall Drinks in the Corridor - Addison Magazine
Enjoy these fall drinks available for a limited time only in the area. Thank you for the shoutouts, Addison Magazine! #VisitAddison #AddisonTx
October is here—it’s time to officially embrace all things fall! After visiting pumpkin patches or going apple picking, ...
Visit Addison
Our talented Addison TreeHouse member, Alex Craig, founder and CEO of TriplePlay. He is really good. Unfortunately, I am not a good camera FB live person.
Addison TreeHouse was live.
Addison TreeHouse
@Mrpayne43 @treybowles @TreeHouseTX @theDECtx Curse autocorrect! Come join us for Co-Working in the Park at Addison Circle Park!! @townofaddison 0 1
RT @treybowles: What are you doing today? You should head to @townofaddison to participate in @treehousetx coward in the park day. See you… @townofaddison 5 0
The sun’s out and the coffee is hot! Come join us in Addison Circle Park for Co-Working in the Park! @townofaddison 0 0
Have you signed up Addison Alert? This system allows residents to receive emergency notifications by text, email or phone. Sign up to receive updates! #AddisonTx #AddisonAlert Town of Addison
Addison mayor Jerry Redding was supportive of the airport, and a really brave guy. In 1985, Mayor Redding participated in the Addison Airport Aviation Day with a wing-walking flight on a classic biplane.
Comments Stearman Biplanes I remember that! Addison Airport
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Residents and non-residents sign up on
Comments Carol Hansen I think we need some goat yoga in our lives CANNOT WAIT!!! ❤️🐐❤️ Molly Pope.... Addison Athletic Club
Our busy season is upon us, but we still have some dates available. If you're looking for a possible date to host your holiday party, don't hesitate to give us a call. 972.450.6241 #meetinaddison #visitaddison Addison Conference and Theatre Centre
RT @marykaycares: This Saturday is our 14th Annual Dallas MK5K! Will you be there? Visit the link in our bio to register today! https://t.c… @VisitAddison 8 0
What is Addison Art?
The Addison Conference and Theatre Centre is proud to display the work of local artists through the Addison Art program. Please call 972.450.6241 for viewing times. Town of Addison

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