Job Title: Special Event Volunteer

Company: Addison Addvocates Volunteer Program



Location of the Volunteer Work: Various special events and festivals within Addison throughout the year including, but not limited to Fork & Cork, Kaboom Town, and Addison Oktoberfest

Volunteer Duties: Duties will differ with each event. Some work will be indoors and some outdoors. We need greeters, turnstile ticket takers, children’s program workers, recycling team, office help prior to events, phone workers, information booth attendants, passing out programs, etc.

Preferred Age: 16 with supervision, otherwise 18 years old

Physical Requirements: There could be some physical demands depending on the position

Work Environment: For the most part, will need to be able to work outdoors at the special events and festivals

Training: Training usually conducted on the job at the event location


Minimum Qualifications

Education: Applicable education needed to perform duties

Experience: Applicable experience as needed to perform duties

Time Commitment: Will vary, however, volunteers usually commit to 3 to 4 hours at a time

All volunteers need to complete a registration form, liability release form, a confidentiality agreement form and a background check form. All volunteers must successfuly pass an application and background clearance process.

Date Posted: 03-11-2015

Expire Date: 03-11-2018

Contact Name: Stacy Love

Contact Email:

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