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Lazy Dog

One of the other obvious highlights is the food! Executive Chef Gabriel (Gabe) Caliendo elevates classic all-American dishes, blending nostalgia with nuance, while also introducing diners to new flavors and seasonal ingredients. The menu features made-from-scratch iconic items like Campfire Pot Roast, Chicken Poblano and Lamb Stroganoff, just to name a few. You can pair your gourmet meal with a handcrafted cocktail or a craft beer from local breweries.

  • Lazy Dog,
    5100 Belt Line Rd. #500,
    Dallas, TX 75254
  • Dining Style:
    Casual Dining
    Hours of Operation:
    Mon:  11am-midnight
    Wed:  11am-midnight
    Fri:  11am-midnight
    <dt data-id="&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;6&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;" style="&quot;box-sizing:" border-box;="" outline:="" 0px;="" line-height:="" 20px;="" font-weight:="" bold;="" margin:="" padding:="" border:="" font-size:="" 14px;="" vertical-align:="" baseline;="" list-style:="" none;="" color:="" rgb(51,="" 51,="" 51);="" font-family:="" swis721_bt_wgl4roman;="" background-image:="" initial;="" background-attachment:="" background-size:="" background-origin:="" background-clip:="" background-position:="" background-repeat:="" initial;"=""> Sat:  10am-midnight
    $$ -
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