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Les Lacs Pond Improvements


In 2015 the Parks Department initiated a project to address the deteriorating concrete edge of Les Lacs Lake.  After proposing three different methods for repairing the lake edge, the contractor selected by the Town was unable to make the necessary repairs due to the design of the lake.  Upon the wthdrawal of the bid, the town drafted a request for qualifications for engineering services to identify other possible solutions.

Since making limited lake edge repairs is no longer an option, Parks Director Michael Kashuba provided an update to Council during an October 20 work session, along three possibilities to fix the Les Lacs lake edge:  

·         replace the existing pond liner and concrete edge based on its current configuration

·         replace existing pond liner and concrete edge plus landscape improvements based on its current configuration

·         redesign the pond layout

Each option carries its own financial impacts, which is why the staff has created a process which they shared with Council to evaluate the various options.  Addressing the landscape aesthetic is a short-term goal while repairing the lake edge will be a longer-term project.  However, there will be opportunities for Council and community input during both.  You can watch the entire presentation here, but expect to hear more in the coming months.



At a recent televised Council Work Session Addison's Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Development Services Jason Shroyer and Parks Director Michael Kashuba brought Council up to speed on the many projects taking place in and around Les Lacs Lake.

  • Transfer Piping Project:  Relocation of well transfer pipe to move entry point of water from the north end of the lake to the south end - project is substantially complete.
  • Water Well Rebuilding Project:  Replacement of existing well pump and motor plus construction of a new masonry enclosure with a gate.  The contractor is currently coordinating with ONCOR to facilitate the electrical work associated with the project.  The rain last week was also a challenge.  Estimated completion date for the project is late September.
  • Water Quality Assessment and Testing:  Develop a schedule and test parameters for testing water quality and determine the baseline measurements for future comparison.  Begins upon completion of the water well-rebuilding project.
  • Lake Edge Repair:  Cosmetic repairs to  the damaged portions of the lake edge and damaged drainage flume.  This project continues to be a challenge for engineers and staff.  The Town has investigated several different options, but to date has not found one that does not further exasperate the issues with the lake edge and pond liner. Staff is continuing to search for solutions and hopes to have some options to present to council in the coming months.

You can view the entire presentation here.  Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Addison.



MAY 12, 2016 UPDATE

Addison's Parks and IDS Departments have been hard at work improving the Les Lacs pond area.  With so much activity going on, we wanted to update you on the various projects:

Les Lacs Park Beautification (area around the pond)

The Parks Department, in conjunction with the Addison Arbor Foundation, will be making landscaping improvements around the Les Lacs pond starting this week.  These improvements will restore the aging landscape and include selectively removing some Bradford pear and Mexican plum trees; installing new shade trees (relocated from Vitruvian), ornamental trees, shrubs, ground cover and sod; and trimming the overgrown shrubs along Beltway Drive and Park Place.
The Arbor Foundation has agreed to pay up to $20,000 for landscape improvements in this area.  Combined with what the Parks Department already had budgeted for this project, we hope to significantly improve the landscape aesthetic around the pond.  Many thanks to the Addison Arbor Foundation for their contribution!
Les Lacs Pond Water Well Transfer Piping System Improvements

Canary Construction is completing the final section of the boring and pipe installation, which should be completed by the middle of next week.  Once finished, they will begin their restoration efforts including some turf and sidewalk repairs.  The project is currently ahead of schedule and on budget.
Les Lacs Pond Water Well Rebuilding Project

The contractor is awaiting the delivery of the electrical components associated with the well rebuilding.  We expect those components to be onsite in late June.  Landscape removal, well drilling, and wall construction will commence once the electrical components have been installed.  The project is currently on schedule (expected completion in August, 2016) and on budget.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve this important neighborhood amenity.




Les Lacs Pond Water Well Rebuilding Project

  • Project is currently out for bid
  • Bids close on February 18
  • Construction award planned for the March 8 Council meeting
  • Construction to begin on or about March 21
  • Approx. 150 day project, completion in August 2016


Les Lacs Pond Water Well Transfer Piping System Improvements

  • Project is currently out for bid
  • Bids close on February 23
  • Construction award planned for the March 8Council meeting
  • Construction to begin on or about March 21
  • Approx. 120 day project, completion in July 2016 

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