Blueprints at Addison Circle

Addison Circle

Addison is known for its unique characteristics, from its 170 plus restaurants and the busiest general aviation airport in Texas, to its special events (who else celebrates the fourth of July on the 3rd and Oktoberfest in September?). However, what is coming out of the ground in Addison's new urban hub is more than unique, it is visionary.

On April 13, 2000, the Town held a great party to celebrate and dedicate "Blueprints at Addison Circle. More than 700 residents and friends helped celebrate the final result of over four years of hard work by hundreds of architects, engineers, artists, and craftsmen.

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During and following heavy rain, Addison closes its dog parks until the ground drys.  Want to know if a dog park is open?  Just call the Addison Dog Park Hotline at 972.450.8851.


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